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Accelerate Colorado Membership

Membership details

Becoming an Accelerate Colorado member means gaining unparalleled opportunities for unified federal advocacy and entry to one of the strongest networks in Colorado.  

Membership investment

Accelerate Colorado offers memberships on an annual basis for organizations at $5,000 per year.

Membership benefits

Direct Policy Influence

  • Unlimited participation in Accelerate Colorado policy committees
  • Directly contribute to crafting our annual policy agenda with the issues that matter most to you

Exclusive Events

  • One guaranteed seat for our annual Business Mission to Washington, D.C. (100 seats available, sells out every year)
  • Discounted price for additional seats for the Business Mission
  • Access to other Accelerate Colorado and partner events throughout the year

Unrivaled Access

  • Direct interaction with the Colorado Congressional delegation and key federal leadership in Washington, D.C.
  • Access to Accelerate Colorado's extensive statewide network of local governmetn, private businesses, and civic organizations

Powerful Advocacy

  • Year-round policy advocacy for our annual agenda of issues critical to Colorado's economic development, communities, and business community
  • Federal lobbyist dedicated to Accelerate Colorado at a fraction of the cost of private retention

Consistent Communication

  • Weekly federal policy updates on important issues with our analysis of how it will impact Colorado
  • Timely updates as information breaks in the news

Who should join?

Our membership is made up of diverse organizations from across Colorado including local governments, private businesses, and civic organizations.  We partner with organizations of all sizes both in the Metro area and throughout the state.  

Membership by organization industry

Membership by industry

Contact us for more information

Email us to learn more about how Accelerate Colorado can support your organization's needs.